Details regarding Commissioned Fine Art

Legacy Portraiture by Pink Chair Photography


  • This is not just a photoshoot.  Capturing your photograph is a very small part of a very large process. It is more similar to sitting for an artist to paint your picture on canvas.  The only difference between myself and that painter is that I use a computer to digitally create a unique work of art after getting the foundational image that I use in post processing.  If you are interested in a "Mini Session" please see my "General Photography".


  • I work in a small home studio and cannot work with large families in the same image.  At most, in a single image, I can capture a group of three adults.  Larger family portraits are possible by building a single image from separate photographs.


  • I must have cooperative subjects and I know that small children find it challenging to be still for a portrait- they are young and that is normal of course.  If it is too challenging for your younger family members, then this kind of portrait may be something to do at another time.  



  • This is a formal portrait.  Consider your wardrobe as carefully as you would  choose what to wear to attend a formal event.  Non-trendy wardrobe items in elegant colors, natural make up, styled hair and no patterns are things you should be prepared to have before you sit for my art. If you are leaning towards a period image requiring specific costume wardrobe my number one recommendation is Charleston Costumes .



  • Digital files are not included.  It may take as many as 4 weeks to receive your commissioned art due to my creative processing after your shoot & manufacturing and shipping from my private lab- please consider this carefully when you book.


If you are interested in commissioning a Legacy Portrait please let me know by filling out the consultation form 


Thank you for taking the time to learn about my work.