Fine Art Portraiture


Thank you for your inquiry regarding my commissioned art.


Printed products are sold separately


This is not general photography.

It is not a typical "photoshoot".

It is an opportunity to create a work of art unique to your self and your loved ones.  It is similar to sitting for an artist to paint your portrait and not at all the same as simply hiring a photographer to take your photograph.  You won't see the hours of work that go into creating your art, but you will be amazed when it is complete. 


The products below and all associated fees are subject to 8% sales tax and shipping- please keep that in mind when considering your budget. Larger portrait art may require extra shipping and handling. The sitting fee is not included in the cost of printed product.




 Simple Options

   Framed Fine Art 


This is a complete portrait, framed and ready for display, shipped to my studio for review and collected by you during your reveal. A high resolution digital file is included with the purchase of any complete framed art.


I offer my work in three single mat framed options.


11x14, black or brown frame with a white mat, 150


16x20, black or brown frame with a white mat, 200


20x30, black or brown frame with a white mat, 300. 



 Boutique Set

This option is best for sessions which result in the selection of multiple images- up to six commissioned portraits. 


Six 11x14, double matte, unframed in boutique packaging, 1,000 


When payment in full is satisfied, your order is placed with the lab

Prices and product subject to change