What a fun way to have a portrait of your beloved pet!


Our fur babies are special to us.  They are like children.  It is just as important to preserve and memorialize our best loved four-legged friends as it is to do the same for our two-legged family members. There are many ways to create a portrait of your pet.

This one is just a lot of fun! 


 If you have an image of your pet that is of a resolution which is sufficient for creating this fun pet composite, all you have to do is send the file and Pink Chair Photography will take care of the rest!  

Single pet

portrait composite



Please specify male or female pet.


*your image must be sent with a resolution and quality sufficient for editing.  To arrange for this fun photo, send your image via Google Drive or Drop box and it will be reviewed.  If it is of sufficient quality, you will be sent an invoice for the composite fee.  Your image will be delivered via a private online gallery where you will have access to download or print directly from the professional lab linked to your image.  


I do not currently serve fur babies in my studio, but a pet composite may be added to any General Photography Session outside on location should it prove difficult for you to provide an image remotely.