• For all studio maternity sessions, a nude or skin toned strapless bra and panty set is required.  
  • For all Milk Bath Sessions a nude or skin toned strapless bra and panty set is required.
  • If you have scheduled a Milk Bath Session, please bring a waterproof bag for your wet undergarments and a dry change for after. You will be able to rinse off in the shower after the session, for your comfort, you may elect to bring shower shoes.  A towel will be provided.
  • All sessions end with you selecting your gallery from all available images , please allow time for this critical part of your time with me. I do not recommend committing to another appointment or obligation within 2 hours of the end of your session.
  • Bring a snack and drink with a top- you will get hungry and it's important not to go too long with out something to eat and drink
  • There is not room for anyone in the studio that is not there to be photographed.  You may bring ONE person with you for safety if you like, however they will have to remain inside close to the studio area as no one is allowed to come and go once the session has begun for security reasons. 
  • I ask that no "behind the scene" cellphone pictures be taken by anyone while I am working.  I teach this and would like to keep my method accessible to those who take my classes.
  • Please put your cellphone on silent during your session.  Calls and notifications are distracting. It's best to put it away until we have finished.
  • You are welcome to bring clothing for your photoshoot, but changing takes time and different outfits will be limited to 2-3 regardless of whether you provide them or select them from the client closet.
  • Please remember that this session is for the mother only unless otherwise negotiated.
  • If you prefer to have more intimate, sensual images, please opt for the Boudoir Sessions which are appropriate for Maternity as well!
  • Hair and make up is not required or included in the price for this session but it is recommended. I only work with certain artists, so please ask for my approved list of independent contractors should you decide to add this service. 
  • I recommend scheduling this for when you are between 27 & 34 weeks along.  The later you wait, the more you may experience swelling of the hands, feet and face as well as just being a bit less comfortable. 
  • If you should deliver prior to our appointment, don't worry,  you may change your session to a Mommy and baby only fine art session for an additional fee +100,  any payments already made will be credited towards your new appointment. 


My sincere thanks for your help with these requests!