• For all studio maternity sessions, a nude or skin toned strapless bra and panty set is required.  
  • Please remember that this session is for the mother only unless otherwise negotiated. If you prefer to have more intimate images, please opt for the Boudoir Sessions which are appropriate for Maternity as well!
  • Hair and make up is not included in the price for this session but it is recommended. 
  • I recommend scheduling this for when you are between 27 & 34 weeks along.  The later you wait, the more you may experience swelling of the hands, feet and face as well as just being a bit less comfortable. 


Fine Art Clients

  • This is not your typical portrait session.  You should coordinate your attire and that of others who are part of the portrait very carefully.  You may consider renting a formal gown or suit if you do not already have one that you plan to use.  I carry a few items in my wardrobe for women. I do not currently carry mens wardrobe items or children.  
  • Please ensure that your children are content and ready for their session.  My studio is very small and only able to properly capture families of 3 or less.  Since I must operate in a small space to create your image, it is very important that all participants be mindful of the surroundings for safety.  Children must be able to sit still and take direction or be held.  At the risk of sounding harsh, I am a photographer, not a nanny.  I absolutely depend on you to guide your child during the session.  
  • I do not require huge smiling faces for this style of portraiture- think of the Mona Lisa when you consider how you might be asked to sit for your session.  Practicing a close-liped "hint of a smile" in the mirror may be helpful so that you can feel the difference between looking a little angry and just looking calm and content.