Just a taste....

You have been playing with the idea of doing this kind of session, of having this kind of experience.  Maybe you have even been in touch with a few photographers and you still haven't taken the leap.  Maybe you just want to see what it's like before you invest in a full-on Boudoir experience. Maybe you really only want to see how truly amazing you really are in images that are better than the selfies you've been experimenting with over the years.  

Here's your chance!

I love working with my clients in my fully furnished home studio where all the fancy boudoir magic happens, but I understand that sometimes it can feel like a really big commitment.  So...I created this sample session that's designed to give you just a taste of the kind of awesome images that I provide for my full boudoir session clients in my Downtown Charleston Studio.  

The Studio Sample Boudoir

In-studio make up only, beautiful backdrops, small studio furniture and gorgeous studio lighting allow me to create the perfect environment for you to receive some stunning, powerful, feminine portraits made that are tailored to your personal style and vision of yourself.  With this sample session you are provided with 8 gorgeous digital images in a crystal USB presented in an elegant black or white box- perfect for preservation or gift giving. 



What I provide

I provide an on-site professional makeup artist, small furniture such as posing boxes and chairs for standing and seated posing as well as a pop-up twin airbed for reclined posing, & fabrics for sensual wrapping. I will guide your every move during the shoot to ensure that you are captured at your very best and left feeling empowered and beautiful!

What you provide

You provide two outfits or lingerie items and must arrive with your hair already styled.  The next two hours are dedicated to your beauty service and studio time.  Upon completion of your time with me, you will then be able to select your eight images from the available images and those will be retouched.  Additional images may be added to your session for +95 each during image review and selection. Your gallery will be ready in 2-3 weeks.