The Elegance: an intimate fine art experience


This a luxury investment that you can give as a gift or use to pamper yourself!  


Boudoir with a little renaissance 





This is not your typical boudoir shoot- it's meant to create a work of art for you to admire.  It's meant to transform you into the Queen you really are inside.  You may even want to display it on your wall in your home.


 Yes, if you prefer to wear lingerie, you can!  If you prefer to drape yourself in fine fabric, you can.  If you just want to be beautiful in your own skin and nothing else...yes, you can do that, too.  


This isn't about what you wear.  

It's about how you feel in what you wear.




Intimate portraiture sessions include:


A telephone consultation

& wardrobe styling


Access to add the services of on-site Professional Hair &/or Makeup (+120-150)


60-90 Minutes of Shooting time in Studio


2-3 looks 


Immediate Post Session Photo Review & guided image selection


Ten 5x7 loose prints in boutique packaging for color reference delivered to you


Access to download and print your private online gallery 


Option to purchase additional images +95/photo 


Session investment starts at


+ 8% sales tax


does not include hair & make up fee 

HMUA artists are paid by the client directly

Because they are not employed by my studio


You can arrive with your hair and makeup already done, just keep in mind that it should be appropriate for flash photography. 


There are no other fees, no return appointment to select printed Art

Let's recap!

You know your investment upfront and it includes physical prints that are delivered to your home privately, digital copies in an online gallery and a print release!


The Valentine's Day special is a sample session which gives you 5 beautiful images for 275

As with the regular boudoir, you may also add hair and make up. Printed art is not included in the special but you have the same private online gallery as well as a release to print. All Studio Boudoir appointments can be scheduled after 4:00 p.m. on the weekdays and Friday and Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.